who is?

I make video games and animations.

21 y.o. - Brit - Creative

Creator of many games including "DynoStory", "Gabber Dabbers", "danmakuDUCKS" and "Celestial Crusaders". A big fan of more retro style platformers and bullet hell shooters.
I always try to add something new and unusual to my games to keep them fresh and different. I have been developing games for almost 10 years

I've created a series known as "The Zealous Adventures of Mr Rex" an animated series. I've been strongly inspired by Anime as well as independent online animation.
I've constantly learning about how to write stories and make them better and more interesting for audiences. This may also play into my games as I try to add more stories into those.

A life-long creative, My greatest strength is my understanding of games design.
My talents don't end there, I'm also pretty good at doing post production, making trailers, sound design, music, voice, pixel art, web development and more.
If you're looking for a creative then I probably have SOME experience in what you're looking for :)


Most of my games and animations you can play for free, Go ahead! Don't be shy.

Just click the image of the game you'd like to play!


Metroidvania - Platformer - Crossover
I made everything.
Some references to UnTown and Mr Rex.
Puzzle - Platformer
I made everything.
Features my then Gab Subscribers as Cameos.
Bullet Hell - Platformer - Shooter
I made everything.
A larger game.
Bullet Hell - Shooter
Design, Art, Sound, Programming by me.
TriStorm Studios.
Metroidvania - Platformer - Adventure
I made everything, except some voice acting.
A VERY AMBITIOUS remake of DynoStory. Play the free demo ;)


Sci-fi - Comedy - Action - Shounen
Animation, Music, Characters, Writing mostly by me.
Collaborators specified in Credits of each Episode.
Sci-fi - Thriller - Comedy
Animation, Music, Characters, Writing by me.
Collaborators Specified in Credits. Heavily Inspired by Back to the Future.


"DynoStorm is a hard-working man of many talents and skills. He has all of the skills required to make 2-D games, as demonstrated by his game Dynostory, and his upcoming game, Danmaku Ducks. He's also been an asset in helping Game Soup create its first commercial release, Infernal Racket. He has helped us by streaming and creating videos of the game, and reporting back to us with bugs and feedback that he's found. He has been one of our most valuable testers, and he has a strong work ethic."
-Joe, Game Soup

"A fun and hard working individual. Very easy to work with, understands and grasps things very easily. Capable of animating, video and sound editing, game design and programming, the list of his skills is astonishing. Does great quality work and all for very affordable prices. I highly recommend his services!"
-Connor Ludovice

"DynoStorm is reliable and is able to do a varied amount of services--working with him, he's been quick, and has done a good job with what he's been asked to do. He is also skilled at providing insight and criticism into my own personal project and has been responsible for some crucial changes within it."

"DynoStorm is a dedicated 3d animator who enjoys bringing characters to life on the digital screen~ I always found his projects to be beautifully detailed, fun to watch and well-planned out. Having him colloborate with me in my own art project was a blast and as a student taking studio art as a major, very helpful too. :)"

"DynoStorm puts much effort in mostly every position he is applicable for, and does not disappoint."


Support me by subscribing to me for $1 / month and get access to previews of my games. Also has microblogging features similar to twitter and acts as a nice little video hosting site.
Access a majority of my video content here.
Popular micro blogging site. Inferior version of Gab but still better than facebook so, can't hate it.
Old school website for indie artists, some of my stuff is on there.
You can also support me here by Buying my Music! There's also plenty you can download for free.


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