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Using angelCSS you can create lovely webarcologies with easy to use classes.

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<!DOCTYPE html>
        <link rel="stylesheet" href="angel.css">
        <script type="text/javascript" src="angel.js"></script>
        <meta name="viewport"
        content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0">
        <nav class="bgd_white">
            <h2 style="font-family:'dublino';"  class="still">aC </h2>
            <label for="toggle">&Lambda;
            </label><input type="checkbox" id="toggle"/>
            <div class="menu bgd_white">
                <a href="#">Home</a>
                <a href="#">Link</a>
        <div class="container bgd_white">
            <!--Your angelCSS site-->

To use code snippets like this on your angelCSS site, simply place your code in <pre> tags. Then replace all the < symbols with " &lt; " .

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Use multiple of these in the class list to have your element take effect.

class="button bgd_red shake"

<nav> tag

(Use this for your navbar)

(place <a> links inside a menu div)


(classic container)

(fills the entire width of thee viewport)

(use for quotes and testimonials)

(use with container after a break to remove margins)


Automatically sets text colour as well as background colour for any asset.

















Simply add 'button' to the classes to turn an <a> tag into a button.

button bgd_red
button bgd_purple
button bgd_dark
button bgd_light


Coo coo~
You have some errors ~
Password invalid.
Username invalid.

class="alert bgd_red" to get this alert class. Then inside an img tag with an image sourced followed by a div with the class of 'msg' of which you can insert your message.

button animation

Simply add 'shake' or 'swing' to the class list to add the desired animations.

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