Trip back, Lazy Day and 4AM Club – 8-9th August 2021

Trip back, Lazy Day and 4AM Club – 8-9th August 2021

Sunday was a day where not a lot happened. Friday and Saturday were pretty tiring so Sunday I just unwound. I didn’t try to do anything particularly proactive. I returned home with the bird the morning of Sunday. Everything went smoothly.

It’s Monday morning, I got up at 4AM oddly enough. Went for a walk in the dark and rain listening to the Attack on Titan Season 4 Soundtrack. Music really does help me get through tough things. Wireless earbuds must be real good as I suspect there’s no issue with the wire absorbing all the bass shockwaves as the moves and impacts the environment and clothes. I wouldn’t want to use ear buds wirelessly though, I feel putting a wireless device right by my head for long periods of time would be a bad idea. I’ve got some pretty expensive wireless headphones that don’t connect to my computer. For some reason it just doesn’t work with Windows 10. Works fine on Win8 though, I may have to use it more strategically.

I made a meal for myself and did chores while it was cooking like taking out the bins and unloading the dish washer. I’m feeling pretty refreshed this morning. An early start and going to bed with the expectation and anticipation of taking action the next morning really does help one get out of bed and get moving. My new coffee machine is waiting in my room, just waiting for some Coffee to arrive. I unboxed it yesterday and it came with 2 books that I also ordered. My other orders are coming later in the month. I’m looking forward to an automatic coffee at 5AM everyday. It’ll be a good alternative to chocolate at least. I look forward to it. Still waiting for the Coffee itself though.

This morning I decided to read more of Robert Rodriguez’ autobiography. I’d like to get to the end of the book a bit sooner if I can. That way I can start reading the OTHER BOOKS I have yet to read. Sorry for shouting. The Bible is going to be a tricky one. I got the King James Version as from what I’ve heard this is the closest to the source material. I didn’t want to read the tiny jehovah’s witness version I already have. As it Is is a book I still need to read more off. It’s so smol though. Teeny wheeny little book, a friend got it for me. It’s got some cool Indian / Hindu type visuals.

It’s a new monday and I’ve woken up pretty good. Let’s see how much work I can get done this week. I want to get as much done as I can on Mr Rex. SAGE is fast approaching, I have just 2 weeks. After that I’ll get to my confidential project that I have yet to disclose. Star Boat is sadly at the bottom of my priorities, it’ll have to wait for now.

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