Productive Day Again, YES – 30-31st August 2021

Productive Day Again, YES – 30-31st August 2021

Yesterday morning was rough. This morning though was very good, got up early. Did everything I needed to on time. Only trouble is I forgot to put Coffee in the machine so I just had boiling water, no matter I added Coffee and put it through again. It’s getting real dark 5AM, it’s not the gentle twilight it used to be.

Yesterday was a very productive day. I can’t say what I did though because on non-disclosure agreements which is frustrating but I’m feeling very positive. I recovered very well from the stress of the night before. I hope today will be the same.

These journals are getting pretty short now. I have less to say, perhaps because my mind is a bit clearer and I’m less ruminatory and what ideas do come up goes into my Mr Rex writing notes rather than in these journals. I personally see this as a positive, although from time to time journal lengths will vary. I did come up with a great character dynamic idea for “Season 2” of Mr Rex as that was something I had yet to develop.

Again most of my time is going to my secret project right now, Mr Rex I’m dying to work on but I’ll have to be patient and do this one step at a time.

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