Development Continue – 6-7th September 2021

Development Continue – 6-7th September 2021

Y’know. This morning I’ve been listening to Two Steps From Hell and I’ve always wanted to just make an Album of Epic Trailer Music. We’ll see if I ever get around to doing it.

No Coffee this morning, just Ice Cream and doing some Chores that needed doing.

I watched a video yesterday about Christianity that really moved me, it makes me want to get started reading The New Testament. I have other books I’m reading at the moment though that need finishing. They’re all shorter than The Bible so It’s best I orient it this way. This morning despite some things being missing has been very okay.

Yesterday I was pretty stuck working on the game, I need to design the map very carefully and I must be careful not to add features to the game that unnecessarily prolong it’s development. I have less than 2 months now. By the time it’s done, I want it to be as close to perfect as possible. I don’t like do overs so I want to get as much right the first time as possible although with this in mind I must not make perfect the enemy of good. When procrastination becomes inevitable I must make the task easier for myself so I can keep the momentum going.

Plum was very friendly yesterday, squacking a bit less. Good stuff, Plum even ate some of those Pellets. Not the new ones mind you, my mindset now is to be less conservative about the pellets as I need to get rid of the old ones before I introduce the new ones. I dunno how this’ll turn out, maybe Plum will suddenly start liking them (the old pellets brand) because of the behaviour change. I doubt it though but if that happens it would be a bit ironic considering his dislike of them for all this time prior and my intent to try other brands of pellets.

That is all.

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