Meditation, Reading and Games Development ~ 5th August 2021

Meditation, Reading and Games Development ~ 5th August 2021

Hello again. Feeling good for a second morning in a row. Yesterday was great. I did a ton of improvements to Mr Rex’s visuals, more contrasty and more detailed for very little effort, using the texture and filter tools to make a really detailed and cool looking city for very little work. There was no way I was going to draw this all by hand, I needed shortcuts. I also felt incredibly relaxed and not anxious throughout the entire day. I think the 3rd of August was the day I “snapped” and I’m seeing the benefits of my newfound energy now.

I didn’t work for 8 hours yesterday but I did spend some time researching yesterday. Can’t remember what exactly at the moment. By the end of the day though I caught up on the Anime I missed and in the evening I entered a chilling meditative state for the first time in months and possibly years. 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the evening before and after bed really is helping me to take more time out to meditate. I found myself too restless with the computer turned on, now I do all my meditation with my phone and listening to binaural beats. Infact I’ve started using my phone’s audio to help with my energy a lot more now. Instead of all my music being on the computer, I have it all on my phone and I have it in buds so I can listen wherever I go. Going for a walk, cooking, meditation and so much easier now. Working out is always a challenge though, I guess I’ll have to do that mute. Still doing just stretches in the morning.

In the very late evening yesterday I started doing the linework for “Captain Victoria’s” sprite. I need this for cutscenes. She’s a lot more scary than she was in previous iterations, she used to be called “Captain Maria” in the Zealous Adventures of Mr Rex. In the game I’m going a lot more DoDonPachi with her design. Lots of wires, robot, cyborg type deal. I did still go to bed a bit on the late side which is my this morning I was up later.

Yesterday I ordered some stuff. Some books and a timed coffee machine, and of course some coffee. Think I’ll go shopping later this week for long lasting milk so I don’t have to go shopping for fresh milk as much. Besides I’m moving away from cereal these days so I only need a bit of milk for my tea and coffee. I’m getting a coffee machine with a timer because I watched a video by “Better Ideas” I think it was, a youtube channel I quite like and he basically said that this is a great incentive to wake up. My only concern now is that I’ll need to wake up, meditate BEFORE my coffee ideally. I guess another concern is going to bed on time.

Yesterday I printed my schedule, My sister changed the ink the printer so that was convenient. The schedule basically gives me time in hte early morning to, get up at 5AM Meditate, Stretch, Cook Food, Go for a Walk, Write/Journal, then wake up Plum (my baby budgie bird). From 10AM onwards I’m at my main computer and I do 4 hours of work on one of my projects followed by a 1 hour break and then another 4 hours after that for the same project. The project varies based on which day it is. After those 4 hours I have time to game or watch anime, currently I’m watching Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu and Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood. I think 2 episodes per day is healthy. I used to watch Anime first thing because I was so low mood but now I’m feeling good that I’ve moved it to later in the day. At 9PM I am to retire the computer and read a book and take a shower. At 10PM, lights out and bed time. Ideally, I have been working til 9:30PM on my computer the past week or so, Ideally I’ll move that forwards but it’s no big deal in the grand scheme of things. Although If I want my 5AM wake time I should take my bed time more seriously.

What inspired me to make a new schedule was me watching some videos on the life of Japanese Mangaka, these are comic book artists. They have insane weekly schedules. Obviously my schedule is more reasonable and less stressful, But non the less the work ethic of these people is truly inspiring. I’ve also been reading the auto-biography / journal of Robert Rodriguez “Rebel without a Crew”. That’s giving me a lot of perspective, It’s like I’m myself making the movie and getting deals sorted with big companies. It’s making a lot of things I’ve heard previously click. I think I need to read more auto-biographies. I bought a book that was akin to this although frankly I need more. Sorting out my schedule and reading MORE each day I think will do wonders on my ability to focus. I’m losing interest in audiobooks, reading traditional books has the added benefit of being a discipline and focus exercise. It sounds strange but you do need some discipline to read a book. Books simply aren’t that stimulating compared with other mediums, reading a book in and off itself is almost like meditation. Perhaps that’s what Christians mean when they say just read the bible for your health. I’m ordered the King James version of The Bible too. I look forward to reading all these books, I just got to get through them all.

Journal finished. I’ll be off about my day now. SAGE is coming up and I feel I should focus on Mr Rex this week and this month especially, I may put off my other boat project for a bit although I’d like to get that sorted too.

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