Coffee Morning, Mr Rex and Plum – 9-10th August 2021

Coffee Morning, Mr Rex and Plum – 9-10th August 2021

ALready 1/3 of the way through August? Dang. It’s the morning of the 10th, my new coffee machine automatically made my coffee. It wasn’t amazing. Still learning how to use it so it may take a while to figure it out and get a great brew out of it. It brewed automatically at the time I set and I woke up 20 minutes later. Still was hot though, it keep it hot for 40 minutes before automatically turning off for safety reasons so I’ve got a window. As soon as I remembered I had a coffee that morning while I was dreamIng? I went downstairs. I had two mugs, one I had while meditating and the second I took with me on my morning walk.

I did some animation that morning too. Animation is hard but it was a little easier today. I need to solidify what I want for an opening. Am I making a new song or am I using ANGEL CITY? I think I need to go with my gut and go for ANGEL CITY as I have done with my lyrics. I know a guy who does metal singing in the community, I gotta get him to sing the song and perhaps give me some feedback on the Mr Rex Opening Song I’ve had work in progress for a while.

Yesterday the 9th.

I did fool around for a lot of the day but did some intense good work on Mr Rex. No music but whatever, I gotta prioritise at a time like this. FIxing bugs and adding new things. I also worked more on the list of things I have to do within the next 10 days. It’s A LOT. I hope I can just blitz it, do the small things first to build momentum and then do the larger things later. I’ll do the prologue artworks last as those are insane.

Plum was very cuddly in the evening. Plum seems to be happier when I’m doing work and being productive, possibly because my productivity does make me feel better about myself and perhaps that changes my aura. Meanwhile when I’m procrastinating no so much. Good incentive to be productive and focused, it makes me happy which makes Plum happy which in turn makes me happy. The only drawback is that of course I need to give Plum attention and cuddles, but is that really a drawback? I’m still not mentally in a great place but Plum has really helped me to get out of my darkest places and give me a more solid ground for my emotions. The only thing I need now is perhaps more incomes sources or a new job.

Yesterday was a good Monday, I watched Full Metal Alchemist some more. About 1/3 into the story and it’s been getting better. I look forward to the ending, I haven’t been majorly spoiled so for the first time in ages I’m enjoying a show without spoilers. Feels good man.

Overall doing okay. I hope I can get some good work done today. Prioritising Mr Rex of course. Only 10 days to go til SAGE.

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