Money, Mr Rex and Reading – 11-12th August 2021

Money, Mr Rex and Reading – 11-12th August 2021

This morning on the 12th. I got up an hour late, I reheated my Coffee. It was strange, I was actually in a dream. Can’t remember what it was about but I KNOW I was in a dream and that’s not something I would be able to say before. In the past I’d never dream. So I think it speaks to my improving health and well being overall. My Coffee and Walk were good. My meditation although not as good as yesterday was satisfactory. I forgot to take the sausages out of the freezer so I’ll be having a meal a bit later today. Overall, it’s been a good morning. Had some pineapple juice too.

Yesterday I got a ton of work done on Mr Rex. Fixing bugs, re-tiling Episode 3 and playing the game to think about what needs to change and what I can keep. I’m coming up with new ideas on what I need to do. SAGE is fast approaching, I’m hoping the game is decently presentable by the time The Time comes. It’s tight though.

I’d like to spend some time with my sister before she leaves in a couple of weeks. Everything is falling on me these 3 weeks so I’m hoping I can make time for everything despite the pressure on me. I’m grateful for the life I’m living now, I’m so much happier. All I need now I think is (more ) money coming in and a girlfriend. I NEED to go ask her out, then if she says no I can move on.

As for money, I as you know haven’t been attending my job recently. I can choose my hours and I hate the toxic work environment that it has become. After SAGE happens I MUST invest time in promoting myself, there is opportunity to make money everywhere and I’m not utilizing it. I have my reasons of course. I want to make more promotional videos for Fiverr, so I can do a greater variety of work. I don’t like Fiverr hugely but with their commission rate and the leverage of actually having people come to you, it’s hugely advantageous to me so I should stay on the platform and milk it for all it’s worth. If I can get work regularly on there that would be great. I got a commission just yesterday that I quite enjoyed. I did procrastinate for a while before doing it but once I started I was good. I decided to read the Bible and do research on Ancient Trumpets and the 10 Commandments, a bit of Christianity. I’d say it was a good use of procrastination time, it didn’t feel like a waste of time. I gotta make closer videos for all the things I do on fiverr and all the other platforms that I occupy. I think I should revive my Youtube Channel in parallel with Odysee. I also know communities that unconditionally will accept to work with me, I must leverage that too.

A lot of my behaviour over the past few years has been based on fear and confusion, It couldn’t be helped but now that my mind is clearer I feel SO much more motivated to just live the life I actually want to live. I feel the opportunity is there now. I just have to be a little more courageous.

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