Crunch Time Begins on Mr Rex, Friend and Exhaustion – 13-14th August 2021

Crunch Time Begins on Mr Rex, Friend and Exhaustion – 13-14th August 2021

Hey it’s me again. This morning I’m feeling okay. Last night / evening was a bit much. Hopefully for this week I’ll be able to keep my energy up.

Yesterday I did A HUGE AMOUNT OF WORK on Mr Rex in a very short period of time. A real crunch. At midday I went to meet a friend at a pub. I didn’t spend as much time w Plum today but I guess that’s how it’s gotta be this week if I want to get this done on time.

In the Evening I was exhausted. It’s good to socialise every once in a while but it can be exhausting, especially for someone with Aspergers. I had so little energy in the evening. I did manage to do some work though. Hopefully today I’ll do more as Yesterday I had planned to do more that Evening. I even Meditated less, I mustn’t let this happen again. I must retain my basic discipline.

Episode 1 of Mr Rex is basically done. There’s almost nothing I need to update for a while. Onto Episode 2 which I hope to also have largely complete. Axis Cannon is a scene I’m anticipating will be a lot of work. I did a pretty good animation of it in the previous iter of Mr Rex. In the game this scene will happen remotely as Landers will be on Earlion rather than the ASR Mothership.

This is the earliest Sakuga you could find of me, it’s obvious a bit dated. I think for the game I’d like to do an animated opening with good quality frame by frame animation. It’ll probably take the entire development of the game to finish though so it’ll be a side project within a large project.

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