Mr Rex Crunch, Evangelion 3.0+1.0 and more Mr Rex – 14-15th August 2021

Mr Rex Crunch, Evangelion 3.0+1.0 and more Mr Rex – 14-15th August 2021

Morning of the 15th.

I ran out of milk yesterday, it was expiring so I drank it all and had none this morning. I had me a 6AM Black Coffee. It was okay and edible, not as bad as I was expecting but milk does really improve Coffee quite a bit. When I got home I ate, meditated and wrote this Journal. Overall a good morning.

My meditation was pretty decent quality actually. I was actually listening to Arcology Music on my walk and during my 20 minutes of meditation. A metal djenty artist I’m mutuals with, his stuff is quality. Unfortunately He hasn’t released anything for a while, I know the reason but I would really like him to come back. His stuff is king.

Check it out here:

The 14th. What a great Saturday. 8+ hours of focused work on Mr Rex and I managed to have time to watch the new Evangelion Film. I got a bit distracted by Plum later in the day but that’s fine, I still completed most of my work on time.

The new Evangelion Film is great. I feel it’s superior in every way to End of Evangelion and a satisfying conclusion to the rebuild series. It didn’t feel like a cash grab rehash like FLCL or Star Wars, it felt great and like a fresh clearer version of what EVA should’ve been from the start. The original Evangelion TV show had budget constraints, they only used a limited number of locations which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing but It lacked the creative freedom that was possible now. Apparently this Film was in development for 10 years, that’s a long time. I’m glad I didn’t discover Eva 10 years ago, I only watched the rebuild films in the last couple of years. Just in time for the grand finale, I was waiting in anticipation for this film and I wasn’t disappointed. My only real issue with Eva is fan service, I think the films would’ve been way better had they toned that down or removed it entirely. Remove the fanservice and Eva could’ve been a True Masterpiece but whatever it’s that Japanese muh culture stuff.

The message in 3+1 I think is a lot clearer. Shinji’s Father, Gendo I think? His backstory is explored and executed so well. It really shows the duality of Hope and Despair. After Shinji’s crash at the end of Eva 3.0, he really does rise up and start playing the Hero and gets a proper ending as do all the characters rather than the End of Eva film which needed Explaining Videos just to not seem so grim. Too subtle I think is a thing. There’s a balance to be had with being subtle and letting the audience think or being overt and spelling it out. Generally being overt is popular with audiences and young people but personally I think a bit of a mystery, thriller and subtle theming, subliminal messaging. I think I only really have that perspective though because I’m interested in the medium, The vague man is unlikely to have a similar depth of appreciation for that.

Mr Rex Crunch continues. I added Checkpoints, they’re not very common. I haven’t build the game thus far to accomodate them so they’re only used a couple of times. They’re fun though, a flagpole that spins around as Mr Rex passes it. They’re pretty fun to mess around with.

I also fixed bugs and updated the appearance of Ep2. Or at least the foreground tiles and added rocks. The background in hindsight could use some texturing. I think that would really be good. I’m trying to take advantage of texturing more as I’m making a hires game, I want to use those pixels. The clean look is pretty common these days, a grittier textured look makes Mr Rex feel more distinct and it fits the atmosphere well of a dystopian somewhat mature story. I still got to redesign Umeko, that’s a big one that I’ve been doing on the side, didn’t get to finish it yesterday.

Journalling is such a great habit. I can look back on what I’ve done on a previous day and it can help put me in a place where I can keep going today. I also think it’s great I’m being awkward and doing it in the morning. It gives me that initial framing and sense of motivation/momentum. Some days I can’t spontaneously start working, Journals like this help me maintain that sense of direction. Journaling in the evenings after each day I think would be a mistake for this reason even though it would make sense chronologically. I think the ability to remember what I’ve done this week is good too, I need to exercise my brain and when My brain has energy and is fresh in the morning. That’s the perfect time to recall information.

I suppose my only concern right now is the lateness of my bed time. My aim was to be in bed by 10PM. It’s usually an hour after that, I guess it’s crunch time so I can make excuses that are valid. I hope Plum does okay. I often go up to my computer at 7-8am. I keep Plum’s cover up until my morning work is done. I hope Plum isn’t over or under sleeping because of my behaviour. I think I’m probably overthinking it though, I give Plum 13+ hours of time to potentially sleep and Plum chooses to be active when he wants so I should not blame myself. Plum has his instincts and has shown signs of being very happy, no signs of tiredness. Part of me wishes to keep the crunch going until the game is 100% finished but part of me definitely wants a break. All things considered, I think I’m happier when I’m working hard and getting things done. I know I have other projects coming up though and I will need to slow Mr Rex after SAGE. I’m probably overthinking this all a bit too much, it’ll all be more obvious.

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