Burnout, Week Low and Obapreed – 15-16th August 2021

Burnout, Week Low and Obapreed – 15-16th August 2021

Something I’ve noticed is that since I started Journaling. Time feels like it’s moving slower. Days do not fly by, my consciousness seems to have room to enjoy each day as a seperate entity to the last. I think this perception is also due to my productivity because not only am I doing more each day, I am also recounting that information.

This morning was a good refresh. Up early, Coffee, Walk, Meditation, Food, etc. Yesterday sucked, well sort of so it’s good to be back on track.

Yesterday the 15th was a Sunday. Beginning to end I had no energy, I as procrastinating, I was distracted, I had little motivation to do work until the end of the day. There are a few reasons for that. The night before I got notably worse sleep, I think I was listening to too much music, I used social media, I did not stretch and I watched videos early in the morning framing me into a poorer state of mind.

I watched some drama videos on Youtube. The level of pettiness in this generation is astounding, I can’t believe I share a rock with these people. Will have to make do til i build a rocket though. Humanity dissapoints me constantly, my only satisfaction can come from art. Hope of a better tomorrow. Even on this day the food I ate tasted foul, I felt nauseated.

I did however do some work on Mr Rex. I’m surprised I did any in the state I was in. I finished Umeko’s new design to a fairly satisfactory degree and also added Obapreed to a Cutscene at long last. I spent today just knicking things from TZAOMR (The animated series). A lot of stuff in TZAOMR isn’t too dated so I can add it and it doesn’t look too bad. Some things will definitely be done from scratch. The Axis Cannon scene I had delayed progress on for now, it’s a huge scene in terms of what needs to be done for it. It’s simply too overwhelming to be completed in a single Sunday on a low day.

I have plans for Monday and Tuesday. I MIGHT fit it in somewhere afterwards but everything must be ready the the 20-21 of this month. That’s 4 ish days. The clock is ticking and need to be focused and relaxed. This last minute hustle I hope is what will bring me back to my normal, healthy self.

It’s the dawn of a new day. Best of luck me!

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