Plum, Mr Rex and FMA – 16-17th August 2021

Plum, Mr Rex and FMA – 16-17th August 2021

A typical good morning. Coffee, Meditation, Walk etc. Come to think of it I should go shopping, the kitchen is lacking in food. Got almost nothing to eat.

Yesterday was a productive day on Mr Rex. Lads, wait til you see this cat. Still needs some shading though. A bunch of cut scenes have been improved or changed. The Axis Cannon scene is still unfinished. I really don’t want to show it off until it’s the spectacle that it was always meant to be.

I also got to get Plum more comfortable with his big toy. There’s a large Bamboo toy he was terrified off a while ago so I removed it and the day before yesterday I think? I put i back in. Today he touched and played with it a bit so I hope long term he’ll enjoy it a bit more. It looks fun to me tbh, It’s got rope, wood, bamboo, bells and it’s colourful. I’m fairly certain it’s safe using all natural materials but there’s always doubt with some of these toys, like I can’t really eat them myself to test it or something so I gotta put faith in what I read online about this stuff. I probably worry too much about it anyways.

Watched Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood as I do everyday. The show just keeps getting better. Nearly half way now.

So yeah, was good day overall. I would like to spend more time w Plum, Plum’s been surprisingly introverted recently. It works for me though I guess, it means It’s easier to focus on my work. That being said I do worry sometimes about neglecting him, neglect is definitely an issue I’ve felt a lot of my life. I think I’m doing fine though, I spend at least 1 hour if not 2- hours talking to Plum or interacting with him in some way each day. I could do more but I don’t really need to, I’ve always got audio on and he’s always got something to do. He rarely looks bored, I think his time is occupied well and I just need to stop overthinking it.

That is all. I should really go shopping now before it gets too late in the day.

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