Bad Cooking and The Calm before the Storm – 17-18th August 2021

Bad Cooking and The Calm before the Storm – 17-18th August 2021

This morning was a disaster. I forgot to get sausages out of the freezer so I tried to defrost them faster with boiling water and my steamed vegetables I accidentally left for too long, the water all evaporated and the metal container burnt and made a horrible smell. Now I’m seriously doubting whether I should eat this dish of sausages and veg. Those were my last potatoes too.

I guess the positive spin was my Coffee was cooler today, no waiting for it to cool today and my walk was pretty good. Awh, I hate wasting food though. Lesson learnt though, don’t rush food. Do it right and don’t overcook veg. THat water will evaporate faster. The mistake was that I cooked the veg for the 25 mins then added 25 more mins after for the sausages that were defrosting still, I should’ve at least turned the heat down. That would’ve saved it possibly. Think I MIGHT need to get a new steaming metal container thingy.

Yesterday I finally reached The Episode 4. Tiled the first room. There’s a lot of work to be done here. I think I’ll keep the rooms separately for now rather than conforming them all and adding checkpoints. I’ve also done some tiles for the level and it’s looking and feeling great. The super shine sparking needs some work though. That’s a game play element I really need to focus on. I didn’t get as much work done yesterday as I would’ve liked, I was supposed to make art of Obapreed but in the end I was confused as how to go about it. What was the best way to do it? I feel for his character I’d have to do multiple poses. He doesn’t have much of a face to work with so there’s only so much I can do with that. I feel YES he has to be a multipose character. Frankly all the characters should be multipose but we’ll get over that hurdle at Episode 8.

So prior to SAGE I have to polish Super Shine Sparking, Complete Tiling Episode 4 and possibly add some more shinespark enemies, Also hitboxes, Create Obapreed’s Art. He only appears in one scene, I’ll do flat colours for now and update it later.

Jesus Christ, this smell of the burning is filling the entire downstairs. I’m trying to ventilate the place as much as I can. It’s really destroyed my moral this morning. I’m on the verge of tears it’s so horrible. Luckily, the door was closed leading to the rest of the house and it smells fine past that door so I think Plum won’t be negatively affected by it. Budgies are very vulnerable to everything including chemical hazards. If it’s hurting me I know it would be had for Plum. I’m so happy he’s safe from my mistake at least.

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