Runner Beans, Mr Rex and Crunch Time – 18-19th August 2021

Runner Beans, Mr Rex and Crunch Time – 18-19th August 2021

Hello. Morning of the 19th. Ate Runner beans this morning. I got up over an hour late, my habits are slipping. Possibly because I went to bed too late last night. I did however play both speed run and story mode that night to overview the game. Feels good. A lot of it is very good and narrative wise it’s coherent. Haven’t meditated yet, Hopefully I’ll get my sleep schedule back to normal soon.

This morning I ate some of the runner beans I’ve been harvesting as of late. I actually really enjoy growing my own food, especially now I’m reeping the rewards. I definitely want to do more.

Yesterday I finished tiling Episode 4 part 1 of Mr Rex. Feels good. I spent the rest of the day, arguably procrastinating, watching videos on growing vegetables and sustainability. I’ve also got carrots growing but those will take longer. To be honest I’ve been puting off the harvest for a while. The carrots will be ready in October/September time but the beans are ready now. Yesterday was when I first harvested my own crops. Feels good man. ngl, kind of want to buy land. Live in a camper or a tent, grow my own food and work on my game. As long as I have internet and flushable toilets I think I’ll be good. I wondering how I could get into that position though.

I look at suburban life and urban life and I see people growing decorative plants everywhere but only some people have the sense to actually grow their own food. I find it really strange, you have plants but you choose plants that don’t literally print food? What a waste. Don’t get me wrong I love me some decorative plants, flowers etc but I feel the balance would be right if it were edible plants first and decorative plants in the other half or the minority. Why do people have a grassy field and not say some potatoes or carrots? It’s not like the children ever run around on the grass, they’ll go to the park anyways. It’s really quite wasteful.

If I was to go offgrid and live sustainably, I’d probably want some meat source too. I’m not super squeamish about killing animals for their meat. My mother once said I might get nightmares from killing pests (mice) but I killed one when we had mice a few months ago. I don’t believe it would be that much different than killing a farm animal for their meat. Obviously I didn’t eat the mice but you get the point. If you see the attitude of hunters and farmers, they don’t take pleasure out of killing their livestock nor are they sad. They have that alchemical understanding that “I must eat” and the price for that is taking a fruit from a tree that would’ve one day became another tree or and to take meat from an animal that could’ve lived a longer life. There’s a great episode in Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood that goes into this topic where the Elrick brother are put on an island to survive and they have to slaughter a rabbit in order to feed themselves, they hesitate at first but after realising the nature of thing the taboo is broken. My mother was obvious projecting her squeamishness onto me. MHAB is extremely good show, the themes are top notch too. I object to none of it’s exploration of ideas and philosophy, it’s very pro-natural order and doesn’t sugarcoat anything. It feels very honest and authentic.

That is all. Must hurry, the clock is ticking. Must finish Mr Rex ASAP!

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