The Last Day before SAGE – 19-20th August 2021

The Last Day before SAGE – 19-20th August 2021


Good morning. Coffee isn’t the same without real milk. That oat stuff just isn’t a substitute. I’ll get more cow’s milk when the time comes. Morning has been fairly good so far, I got up earlier than yesterday.

Yesterday was the perfect day almost. I got to play w Plum a lot, he was very cuddly today yet I also didn’t find myself too distracted and got a LOT of work done on Mr Rex. I knew this was my last day to do any big works on the project. I upgraded the shine sparking, it was the biggest cognitive challenge I’ve had for a while. It was so satisfying when It worked though, I had to look up a formula to calculate whether a point in 2d space was on one side of a line or another. I would use this so that the “shuttle” that moves Mr Rex’s super shinespark flight path along the ground would wait for Mr Rex to pass it while going around inward slopes, this way Mr Rex would’ve offset or move awkwardly when going around the curve corners of a slope. Slopes that turn inwards are simply dealt with via the shuttle being ahead of Mr Rex all the time and turning before he hits the wall ahead.

I also added Obapreed to Mr Rex after all this time. Flat colours still but at least I got something. The cutscene is improved immensely by this. I think he could use some animation though. We’ll see what I can do long term to improve all the “placeholder” things I have in the game.

I also created the hub room for Ep4 and the cutscene for Fay, Landers and the new character Wolfgang. A Styracosaurus who’s sort of eccentric, a nutter and says German words sometimes. He’s already a great sort of comic relief character which is well timed for this point in the story where there’s melodrama everywhere. The episodes do get funnier before things turn darker in the later episodes again. Ebs and flows.

This is all I had time for, it was A LOT OF PROGRESS though. Today I’d like to polish a few things and finish those prologue images if I can. So that they’re at least not too obviously work in progress and not placeholders. I’ll get there soon!

Alright, here’s to today. Prologue, Polish, Trailer and Uploading the EXE file to SAGE. I hope it’s not too late. Even if I miss out on SAGE for whatever reason, I’m happy I made all this progress. I’ve felt very fulfilled working on Mr Rex and making progress.

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