Burned Out, Still Kicking, Mr Rex OST Release! – 21-22nd August 2021

Burned Out, Still Kicking, Mr Rex OST Release! – 21-22nd August 2021

FINALLY THE MR REX’S ZEALOUS ADVENTURE OST IS OUT! It’s work in progress just like the game so it’s going to get updates as things progress over the next few years.

DOWNLOAD NOW! https://dynostorm.bandcamp.com/album/mr-rexs-zealous-adventure-the-original-soundtrack

Morning was very meh. Still kicking though and have SOME drive. My issue right now is complacency I think, I’m too okay with my current level of productivity. No less I have improved massively since what I was doing before. Let’s take things slow but not too easy. I’m happiest when I’m being productive, I DEFINITELY need some balance though. I need to make time to talk to girls and stuff.

Yesterday I was burnt out and didn’t do much for most of the day. By the afternoon though I was refreshed and was able to do some work. That morning though I did make the Trailer for the game, Trailers are pretty easy and fun to make. They’re short and they’re made of short clips and all of them are fun! I put the Trailer on Youtube and the Page that day.

In the Afternoon I went to release the OST. I fixed a few things and updated the Album Art to be something not placeholder. I had it already wip in a Draft format, I just had to update some outdated things and It was good to release! I think spending time with Plum really helped me get back into a good mood, a bird really is a great anti-depressant sometimes. I do feel since I got Plum I’ve got ironically more space to feel things, I feel like I’m human again. Morning Coffee has helped even more with discipline and sleeping habits albeit not perfectly, that’s my responsibility though. I just need to go to bed sharp at 10PM and turn off the computer at 9PM. I noticed last night it was getting dark really early at 9PM, wow! Now I’ve got even more reason to go to bed at a sensible time, that summer sun is going and gone soon. Autumn is coming! Time to start wearing long sleeves again.

It’s Sunday. If there’s anything I need to do for Mr Rex I can think of then I’ll do it. I will however be focusing more on Star Boat today. Might be til next week I make a new OG short film.

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