Stress, The End of Work and Chores – 23-24th August 2021

Stress, The End of Work and Chores – 23-24th August 2021

This morning was very good. Got up early, had Coffee, Meditated, Walked. Only oversight was not getting sausages out of the freezer. Feeling okay though.

Yesterday was a bit of a dip for me, I was super stressed. I was supposed to go to work yesterday and I was stressing out about it all morning which was very wasteful. I just don’t want to deal with the insanity of the world anymore, my body always seems to subconsciously do something to prevent me from going to that toxic work environment.

After today I’ve realised this is inescapable, I left my keys in the house unconsciously. Something that never happens, it took too long to get ahold of spare keys and get back into the house to justify showing up so I’ve decided decisively this is the sign I have quit. My body and mind simply refuse to go to work and I need to stop beating myself up and telling myself I’m a coward for simply doing what is right for me. There is opportunity for me, I just need to grow up and take that opportunity than filling myself with despair believing I shouldn’t strike for such things.

I did however on a positive note tidy and dust my room a bit. I noticed Plum was sneezing more than usual so I dusted the room and ventilated it. Feels good. Also tidied the kitchen and house a bit. So nothing too fancy this Monday but hopefully today will be better (Tuesday Morning, I always write my Journals in the morning).

Just a short Journal today as not a lot happened today.

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