Feeling Better – 27-28th August 2021

Feeling Better – 27-28th August 2021

This morning I slept in a bit. Just felt I needed it. I’ve been under-sleeping recently and sometimes I don’t go to bed on time. I must be more disciplined with going to bed on time or earlier. Meditated this morning for 40 minutes and entered a cool state of mind, I wasn’t even trying to focus that much. It just kind of happened, idk. Feels okay though, I don’t feel so neurotic right now.

Haven’t made a full meal just yet. Might make some bacon at lunch time. Had porridge.

Yesterday I slogged the work I was supposed to do and started building momentum on my other projects that I can’t talk about much. It’s looking good though and when you see it later this year or perhaps early next, you’ll know. I haven’t made any progress on Star Boat to be honest, I think that is going to become a weekend only thing. We’ll see. I guess I feel I’m under pressure, I’m not getting paid to work on Star Boat YET so my priority is to work on what I know has money behind it.

Makes sense, I wish I just had more time and energy to work each day. So really I do just have to focus on my personal energy, that determines everything I do. I woke up 3AM this morning. I probably could’ve tried getting up but it was way to early from a logical stand point so I stayed til 7AM. It’s now 930AM, I haven’t missed anything major from my routine so I think I’m doing fine. Had a bit of a headache, still do a bit but doing okay atm.

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