A Very Productive Day – 29-30th August 2021

A Very Productive Day – 29-30th August 2021

Secret project big progress. Very happy, really in the flow and I’m not burning myself out. Feels good. The evening was met with a complication though that kept me up for two hours stressing. The night was rough.

This morning I woke up 3 hours late, I really under slept. Never check your emails before going to bed and if you will, just write the message and be done with it. I don’t like arguing with people so I tend to get anxious and spend loads of time writing the perfect message when really the tone and meaning was the same from the beginning.

I was hoping this week would be better than last but I have had a tad bit of badluck this morning and last night. Can’t be helped, I just need to be a little flexible at times like these and slowly get back to my routine. Speaking of which I’ll need to write a new schedule for this coming September.

This month has went by fast but I feel it’s been a very productive month. I just need to have a little more courage.

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