Day Off, Mr Rex Inspiration Strikes, Good Morning – 3-4th September 2021

Day Off, Mr Rex Inspiration Strikes, Good Morning – 3-4th September 2021

Yesterday I spent a lot of time not doing anything. I was pretty knackered so I spent the day doing the things that I wouldn’t normally do. I’ve been in a state of emotional decline, I know why I just need to address it. While my mood is low though I thought I’d best do other things. I made a meme and watched some more Anime and a documentary.

I am now watching Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, Love is War Season 2 and Takagi-san. So a Shounen, Romantic Comedy Thriller and a Wholesome show. It’s a pretty good mix. I need to actually watch stuff more. I get them all done in 1 hour by skipping the OP and ED and also watching at 1.2x speed. That way I need to plan carefully and it puts a fire under me just after 8PM.

Unlike yesterday, my morning was great. Got everything done early. No hassle.

The past couple of days I’ve had SO much inspiration for Mr Rex’s unfolding story. This morning I got almost all Episodes named. There are 3 “seasons” with 15ish Episodes each. It’s pretty long but I don’t think I could make it shorter unless I rewrote the whole thing. I’ve made it as short as I can without compromising my vision. So yeah, right now Mr Rex’s Zealous Adventure is on course to have 45 Episodes. I can’t wait to get to the ending, I wish I had a team with me so I could complete it in 1 or 2 years. I hope however I can just work REALLY hard for 3-4 years and get it done by then. I just need to be on it like a mangaka on a treadmill.

Things I need to do for Mr Rex:

  • Write and Rewrite the Script for each Episode
  • Design and Build the Levels for each Episode (with new tiles and level gimmicks or power ups for each)
  • Implement the Cut scenes to apply the Script to the levels
  • Compose new music where necessary, Reuse music where not
  • Draw all art and animation, take shortcuts wherever possible.
  • Draw Sakuga where better animation is needed in place of cutscenes (Axis Cannon Scene, Melisa and Garry Scenes in Ep3) (Also possibly an OP)
  • Possibly get some voice acting at some point

A lot to do, but for now. I gotta Star Boat!

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