Star Boat, Foul Coffee and Plum – 4-5th September 2021

Star Boat, Foul Coffee and Plum – 4-5th September 2021

I don’t know what’s happened to my extra bag of coffee. It seems to taste really bitter and almost stale. It doesn’t taste anything like the bag I was having when it was new. I felt sick walking this morning having my Coffee and had to throw some of it away. I woke up pretty early though which is good. I need to investigate what happened to that Coffee, my hope is that it was opened accidentally 1 month or so ago and it became stale and that my third spare bag is perfectly fine and tasty. It costs a lot to ship them so If possible I would prefer to get them in bulk to save money.

Yesterday was a pretty chill day, I worked a lot on Star Boat. Albeit I didn’t get nearly as far as I had hoped I would. Star Boat is going to have to be a slow burn, post production isn’t my specialty so it makes sense to do it in a relaxed and non-stressing way at the weekends. Y’know casual post production.

Plum’s mood was pretty strange, so I got to keep at eye on his behaviour. I’m going to clean his cage today, that’s long overdue. I think I heard him mutter hello today but it’s still so and so with the talking, could be a while or never that it gets anywhere.

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