Star Boat, Cycling and Ideas – 5-6th September 2021

Star Boat, Cycling and Ideas – 5-6th September 2021

This morning I slept in a bit with no regrets. I needed it and plus I have no coffee. I’ve meditated, I’m journaling now and all my food is ready. I’ll walk later today.

Yesterday I worked a lot on Star Boat, at least compared with what I would do previously. Definitely a weekend job Star Boat. My main focus should remain on my two games during the week, I’m simply not a post production titan, I gotta take that stuff slow. Ironically I’ll get more work done faster that way by simply pacing myself and not putting too much work/demand/pressure on myself.

I went cycling to the Pet Store, I was hoping to meet that girl I met about a month ago again. Y’know I think my lack of time preference when on these things is down to laziness and fear more than delaying gratification or something like that. She wasn’t there though. I didn’t recognize anyone to be her. I bought some stuff for Plum and donated some Pellets that Plum wasn’t eating and bought some new pellets hoping it would be better. Some toys too, it was really hot yesterday so I was sweating and tired.

Today I’m hoping to have a strong start non-the-less. I have ideas for Mr Rex poping into my head all the time. Got to write them down.

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