Star Boat, Reminders and Axiom Verge – 11-12th September 2021

Star Boat, Reminders and Axiom Verge – 11-12th September 2021

I’m journaling later than I intended again, I keep getting up later than I want to. Really that Coffee was holding up 80% of my habits and routine. Still waiting for the coffee to arrive, I ordered it a while ago. It’s 3am Sunday 12th.

Yesterday I forgot to work on Star Boat, I instead worked on my game a bit. I’ve been playing Axiom Verge, it’s a game I never beat so I’m trying again. I got stuck on that one part, I’m stuck again right now as to what to do although I have picked up a ton of power ups and upgrades which has been fun.

Today I caught up working on Star Boat but have found myself stumped because of a lack of footage from my colleges. Oh well, will have to wait a bit for that.

Today I’m been pondering some things like how I’m going to make money, really the best thing I could do for myself right now is make videos promoting my services one on one.

I’ve done some reading and realised I need to stop thinking about getting a girlfriend. I need to again, refocus on developing myself and let that happen on it’s own. Which was my original plan but Outside forces have put me in that frame again of “gotta get a gf”. I’m not particularly bothered now. I’ve still got a lot to figure out for myself in personal development.

Yesterday I started reading the New Testament, starting with St John as a friend recommended me. I actually ready two pages, I went to bed an hour early so I had more time to relax and just read. I’d be lying if I said I was better rested. I just need that Coffee. NOW! I need to make a complaint for all my Coffee going off randomly after 1 month despite the 2 other bags being unopened.

Currently cooking spag bol. Gotta keep an eye on it.

My vegetable garden probably isn’t going to make much else. It was fun while it lasted.

Okay, that’s all!

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