Early Morning, Star Boat and Beating Axiom Verge – 12-13th September 2021

I got up today really early before 5AM which felt good but after going for my walk in the dark and eating spaghetti when I got back (I cooked yesterday, eating the leftovers microwaved) I became incredibly sleepy and collapsed for a couple of hours. Luckily today my coffee arrived, I’ve also emailed a complaint about my coffee going off.

I beat Axiom Verge today as well. It’s quite well designed, the final boss was great story-wise but the battle was kind of just okay. Excellent game overall though. Definitely the inspiration I need for the game I’m working on which is also a Metroidvania. I must use this energy, just after I get rid of this headache.

Today I haven’t done much to be honest besides that. (It’s 1400). Still progress need to be made. I think I might go for a cycle, I need some exercise.

Yesterday I did work on Star Boat and made a list of priorities. I have so many projects I need to work on. Many have deadlines and prizes/money coming in. It’s all getting to be a little bit, stress etc.

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