Planning, Low Mood, Coffee Intolerance? – 13-14th September 2021

Planning, Low Mood, Coffee Intolerance? – 13-14th September 2021

Yesterday I did a bit more planning, I really just had no energy, was completely bored and unmotivated and full of negative thinking. I did minimal work on the game.

I did however spend a lot of time with Plum, he was very well behaved today. I read more of The Bible and Bizarchives before Bed. I’ve woken just before 5AM. It’s 4:50am now, I have a feeling after doing some research yesterday that I might actually be Coffee intolerant. Too much Coffee and my body with reject the taste and smell of the Coffee. So unfortunately my previous lifestyle of 1 cup of Coffee every morning is unsustainable by the looks of it.

I’m thinking I may try using my Coffee machine to make Tea or some alternative if possible. I bought this automatic Coffee maker especially so I could have a timed event each morning to mobilize me and stabilize my sleep schedule. I hope Tea is a good enough substitute to Coffee that I at least get up each morning to have it.

It was a grim realisation that the one thing that was keeping me productive and consistent and not-depressed the past month was actually something my body would later strongly reject.

I have Coffee in 5 minutes. I wonder if It’ll be okay, probably not. I’ll have to donate the bag to someone, possibly a friend of mine unless today I suddenly like Coffee again after suddenly not liking it and finding it disgusting. Regardless I’ll try using the machine to create automatic morning tea, either by putting the bag in the tray or in the jug.

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