Feeling Better, Enjoying Life a little more, Star Boat – 18-19th September 2021

Feeling Better, Enjoying Life a little more, Star Boat – 18-19th September 2021

It’s nearing the end of September already? Gees, this month I’ve been down a lot so it’s whizzed by real quick.

Yesterday I was at least happy, I got 1 hour of work into Star Boat although I’m a little annoyed at the bugs that exist in Hitfilm that are effectively ruining the workflow as I spend 20% of my time working on the project and 80% of the time trying to work around in-program bugs that shouldn’t be there to begin with. I’ve tried contacting them but no response thus far. I was hoping to buy Hitfilm Pro 13 and just use a not buggy program, unfortunately that’s not the case. It is a challenge in and of itself. There’s a lot I like about Hitfilm but it’s far from excellent software to be frank. I’m hoping I can get a discount code or even a free copy of the newer versions of Hitfilm. I don’t believe I should be paying £300 just to upgrade software I already own to fix bugs that shouldn’t even be there to begin with.

The rest of the day I felt positive although I didn’t get a huge amount of work done. I was happy. I decided to complete Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, it felt silly for force myself to watch only 1 episode per day dragging it out. I think I may adjust my plan to complete individual shows faster by watching multiple episodes per day but fewer shows in parallel. I think I’ll enjoy that more.

Touhou is a lot harder than I remember. It’s a lot more random and unpredictable.

Since taking Coffee with some honey in it, it’s bitterness is no longer an issue. I don’t like that I’ve had to start using a sweetener but if it gets me to actually feel good about life and get just a little work done then I’m going to do it. Anything to get work done.

I think I’ll spend more time on Star Boat today, another hour. Then get to my other game, by whatever means necessary. Today I’ve already walked in the dark w my Honey Coffee and I got home to journal. It’s 6:15AM now, I’ve got the whole day ahead of me. I’ve got left overs from yesterday so I won’t need to cook as much today which is nice.

I’ll set my agenda here actually.

  • Animate for 1 hour
  • Work on Star Boat for 1 hour (find any temporary work arounds to current problems re;bugs)
  • Work on the game for at least 1 hour (Maps / Save File System)

I could possibly start working on the game early today to try and get myself into the right mindset, however there’s always the concern in me of disturbing Plum at this time. I don’t want Plum to over or under sleep so I tend to be cautious about these things. Probably too much. As long as Plum has his cover I think I’m good, as soon as I can I’ll get back upstairs and get working on the game. I know how tricky these things were at first and I know there will be bugs so I’m cautious of bugs, I don’t want to destroy perfection but I kind of need to.

Above all I need to try not to stress myself out. 1 hour of animation to begin sounds fun!

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