Sunday Resting, Star Boat and The Secret Project – 19-20th September 2021

Sunday Resting, Star Boat and The Secret Project – 19-20th September 2021

Yesterday was a much needed day of mostly social things. I decided to play Minecraft with a friend for much of the day, we’ve been struggling to get me to connect to the server but today we succeeded. We played for about 5 hours with a couple breaks, it sounds like a lot but as the hours went by I enjoyed it more and more and besides it’s been a long time since I’ve played Minecraft or video games like this. If it’s to get isolated me to socialize then it’s always worth it.

Mostly the game was us trying to find a Nether Fortress with very little luck for ages, we found 3 bastions along the way. I managed to find a fort and build a portal to get back into the overworld and build a house close. My friend would die over and over again. He’s quite risk taking and I tend to play it safe and act cautiously, I didn’t die once. We tried getting him to reach the fortress and my house by had trouble, he died a lot and he respawned far away back at his base. It was quite amusing but I did feel bad for him. It was fun!

I did work a little on Star Boat, I’ve had to be careful with how I use the software to slither around the bugs it has. I also called with the crew for a bit which was fun, a very social Sunday. Well needed after all the low mood and isolation I’ve been through weighing me down.

I did in the morning do a small amount of work on the game. Still needs finishing, I need to get as much done as I can. Trying not to stress it too much. Relax, do things bit by bit. Be okay, be motivated, baby steps.

That is all for yesterday.

Today I’m feeling a little stressed but I still seem to be able to do what I need to do. Food, Coffee, Honey and Lemon (I’ve had a sore throat recently and that gets the symptoms), Meditation and Journaling. I haven’t meditated the past two days so today I did 35 minutes rather than the 20 minutes I was doing before. Sometimes A habit got to drop and come back stronger later. I should remember to do stretches as well, I tend to get extremely stiff and sluggish if I don’t stretch.

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