The game, 2+2=4 Short Film and Blender – 20-21st September 2021

The game, 2+2=4 Short Film and Blender – 20-21st September 2021

Yesterday was A Monday. I’m trying to remember what happened, I think I did a bit of work on the game but not much. I did edit a bit of the script for my short film 2+2=4, also some storyboarding. I have so many ideas for this project but I gotta shrinky dink a bit. I also did some Blender Tutorials, it was fun but had some frustrations trying to render properly. Evee is fast but weird and cycles seems like a traditional renderer. Gonna need to get my head around all this for 2+2=4, my spooky short film.

I have planned to do one Blender Tutorial a day this week so I hope this all goes well.

It’s Tuesday now. I woke up late, I needed more sleep apparently but have otherwise had a solid morning working on the game mostly. The map creation is the fun part so it feels effortless. It’s 3PM now, I didn’t have time for meditation or journaling this morning, it’s okay. I can deal with this. Just had lunch. I took Plum around the house today doing chores, Plum gets tired of my room and needs a bit of variety. It was fun.

That is all for now. I must get back to my game and get it done as soon as I can.

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