New 21 DAY Course, Super DynoStory Remastered and Happy Plum – 25-26th September 2021

New 21 DAY Course, Super DynoStory Remastered and Happy Plum – 25-26th September 2021

Okay yesterday I wasn’t feeling amazing but I did get some work done on the game and Plum was a very happy bird. So playful and chirpy, very cute. I’m truly blessed to have Plum in my life, I feel like a kid again sometimes. When I choose not to panic about my projects I can experience very pure joy from spending time w Plum.

Affirmations I continue to listen to, they’ve helped raise my mood just a bit more.

Yesterday I also bought a new course. I was considering doing BOLD30 again, a course by HowToBeast where you talk to people to overcome social anxiety but the community and staff are stupid and never answer my questions so the course now has a bad vibe to me. For novelty’s sake I’ve bought a “21 day program” which seems to address all the problems I’ve been having. Day 1 was the same day it started so today it’s Day 2 and I should be done in mid-October which is nice. I recon it’s going to be challenging though, I’ll have to see how to fit this around everything else I’m doing.

I can now reveal the secret game I’m working on is a reimagining of Super DynoStory. I can’t say too much about it but quality-wise it’s far superior to the current free version of Super DynoStory and this new version will be a paid version only. I’ll be sharing more soon

Which reminds me, I should add Super Awesome Escape to my at some point.

Oh, yeah I forgot. I finished Higurashi Kai yesterday. It was okay, I feel like it was Yandere Steins Gate but with not as good execution. Nothing spectacular or amazing but for what it was it’s ending was fairly satisfying. It did have some great moments too but overall not too amazing.

That is all. I wish myself a productive day, free of distractions and other weirdness. I will be focused.