Gamedev, Feeling Better and 21 Day Program – 27th-29th September 2021

Gamedev, Feeling Better and 21 Day Program – 27th-29th September 2021

I’ve found the 21 day program course so far to be a very useful, it’s like having homework for the first time in years and it’s great. I like that I’m writing down all my problems and finding methodical affirmations to address all my person internal issues. It does take a bit of time but it’s doable.

Yesterday I made great progress on the game, I added a new world to Super DynoStory’s super big map. Feels good man. I had frustration with a bug but it seemed to fix itself when I deleted the save data. Weird.

I’m feeling more positive and oriented recently. I hope this can continue long term. Something I’ve found is that I can get very distracted by Plum, I decided yesterday to set stronger boundaries. I still played with Plum a decent amount yesterday but Plum was in the cage a lot more and I actually got a lot more work done on the game than I otherwise would have. Monday was pretty procrastinationy but comparison to yesterday but otherwise similar.

I started watching Akudama Drive recently, genuinely excited for this show and hooked. First time I’ve genuinely been this enthusiastic about a show in ages. Then again I was watching a somewhat dated Higurashi Kai just before and that was Japanese only. Dubs make things so much easier to digest.

It’s 9AM, I did some more preproduction on 2+2=4. I’m about half way through the preProd. THere’s a couple more scenes I want to get sorted. I could have the entire thing ready for this weekend and I could start shooting it. The only thing I’m falling behind on at the moment is blender related stuff. I don’t know if I have time to do it but I’ll see what happens. I’ll have to “play it by ear” as they say.

That is all. I wish myself a productive day today and to deliver all my projects to a decent quality and on time. I can do this! I will do this! Nothing can stop me! I need to have more confidence in myself.