A Relaxing Enough Weekend – 2-3rd October 2021

A Relaxing Enough Weekend – 2-3rd October 2021

Saturday I’m trying to remember. I did some basic set up work so I could start making short films again, e.g. getting the green screen up. I think it needs ironing. It’s pretty creasy.

Also did a 1 hour of work on Super DynoStory, new tile sets and new enemies. This new world is going to be fun!

I spent this morning sleep a bit as I didn’t get great sleep last night. I needed it so I did it. Lunch was good. Plum has been a bit quiet recently so I played some budgie sounds this morning to get his energy up again. He seems to be a lot more active today.

I’ve taken it pretty easy these past 2 days, today I’ve written some of the new cut scenes for the game and I intend to implement them soon. I’ve also been testing some mic setups. My mic is pretty hi-fi so if I’m getting reverb from the environment, that’s a huge problem. I’ve found myself struggling to get good audio quality and I need that to stream and to actually do VO work on the game and other projects. Thankfully I think there may be a way to get the mic sounding good again.

I really hope I can get everything done on-time this month. It’s gonna be tight, at the very least. The Game MUST be finished!

That is all!