Laptops, Super DynoStory and Feeling Eh – 5-6th October 2021

Laptops, Super DynoStory and Feeling Eh – 5-6th October 2021

I got a bit more work done yesterday. 2+2=4 I’m forgetting about, it’s too much stress right now. I MUST complete this game and soon! So I’m going full steam ahead on that one. The 5 minute method works, I just need enough focus to actually do it. Yesterday, a family member visited for a bit. I was procrastinating for a lot of yesterday , I really gotta nail those opening hours. Yesterday I was investigating laptops but I don’t have a lot of savings to get one. I feel like I need a laptop just so I have more of an option to leave the house and not feel like my projects are really far away. Trouble is I already got a surface and I feel like I should try using that as a laptop first. Albeit in the past when I’ve tried it hasn’t went super well, I feel like I need a gaming laptop. I’d like to get a 17 inch laptop which feels huge but you need a larger bag for one of those. My current bag can carry a 15 inch laptop only which is an okay size but really I feel like getting a laptop that makes me feel like It’s no different from working at home but without the isolation. I used to travel and keep working on my projects without any issue when I had a laptop. My laptop had issues but it was worth it I think. I really wish the laptops I had still worked, I seem to try and repair them and end up breaking them further so I don’t exactly have a lot of confidence with those. I really need to bite the bullet and just get one, I know it’ll make getting out of the house a lot easier. I need more money though, I just need more money so I don’t feel like I’m constantly on the edge of going below zero.

Another thing that happened yesterday morning was that my computer had a hard drive not load up properly causing the entire machine’s loading speed to nose dive. I managed to dust the computer and reconnect the loose hard drive and it was back to normal. I am getting concerned that I might lose my data though so I’d best be on the lookout for upgrading my HDDs. I have a backup external that’s larger than my other Hard Drives so If I can I’ll start using that as an internal HDD. It’s annoying when one’s itching to get work done and suddenly you run into a problem that puts a stop to that.

Today, I want to set an agenda and plan carefully what I am to do for the next two weeks. I want to get this game done as soon as I can. The two week plan sounds good. I’ll need to hustle though! Then if I get it done in 2 weeks I’ll have 1 week to really focus on completing 2+2=4. That’s optimistic though, whatever. Let’s just stop journaling and get started.

Again I decided to get up later. If Coffee and 5AM isn’t energizing me I’ll just allow my body to get 9-10 hours sleep. Be more well rested and positive, go from there. Less time but higher quality time. I feel better today energy-wise. I think I could use some honey and lemon though.

That is all.